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Experience an unforgettable moments with an international mountain guide, not only in the High Tatras. Do not hesitate to find the right trip for you, your family or your business.

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Green lake

Easy half-day tour

The Cottage at Green lake is one of the most visited chalets with year-round services.

Široké saddle

The only accessible point of the Belianske Tatras

Široké saddle 1 825,50 m n.m. is one of the few places where you will find yourself in the core of Belianske Tatry.

Javorová valley

A jewel among the glacial valleys

In Javorová valley is typical Tatra vegetation. In the upper parts of the valley dominates pine and dwarfpine. Granite and limestone substrates provide good conditions for the growth of a diverse flora.

Velická valley

The highest mountain hotel in the High Tatras (Velická dolina).

The first people appeared in the valley in prehistoric times. After them came the hunters of chamois and marmots. In the 18th century botanists and geologists came to explore.


Experience the ferrata with a guide in various difficulties.

For a ferrata with children as a practice of contact with the rock, or even challenges that will be tested by the mind and body, you just have to choose.

Furkotský štír

In the footsteps of the near past, to the peak whose streams are rattling.

Experience the charm of unmarked terrain with completely unique views of Kriváň, the Western Tatras as well as the Mlynická valley full of flowers and chamois.

Svišťový štít

Get to know the nooks and crannies of the Great Cold Valley with the peak that marmots love the most.

Whether by cable car or on foot to Hrebienok, next to Studenovodské waterfalls to Zbojnícka chata. Well, the top will be a little higher.


A jewel of tatras marked by lightning.

Experience the ascent with a guide through Tupá to Končistá, or even from the Sliezsky House on the slopes of Gerlach. Batizovské lakes have never been more beautiful.

Our Mountain leaders

Jakub Tomaškovič

Alpine Ecologist and local guide will explain you not only one of our country's interesting secrets  also in the English or Polish language.

Milan Tomaškovič

Mountain rescuer, guide, goral, and studied forester will tell you  stories during the wandering in mountains and make sure you will never forget about the hike and the experiences associated with it.